• Yorkshire, United Kingdom



Going to church first became a big part of my life as a teenager. Having faith helps me all the time, with the thought of someone guiding us or looking out for us. I value the time each Sunday to reflect on the week, have some time of quiet, think about what’s important and prepare for the week ahead.



Keeping fit is really important to me. I swim several times a week and enjoy working hard in the gym and also enjoy running, having competed in a series of 10K runs and half marathons, each setting me a new time to try to beat next time. When not training for a major event I enjoy taking part in a Saturday morning ParkRun.


I love baking. Or I love eating cake. Or both. The reason I could never be a contestant on the Great British Bake Off is because, while my bakes generally taste good, I have no artistic ability and they often look like they’ve been decorated by someone with their eyes closed. It’s what the judges have previous called ‘informal’.